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Hilton Self Storage Worcestrshire
Hilton Self storage Worcestershire
Hiltons Self Storage Worcesterire
Hilton Self Storage Worcestrshire
Hiltons Self Storage Worcesterire

Secure storage facilities

At Hilton Removals, we have a secure, containerised, self-storage facility at our own secure premises in Worcestershire. Depending on your requirements and what you need to store, we can allocate you a suitable storage unit with plenty of space for the items that you need to store.


You are able to access your storage unit as often as you need to. Just let us know and we will allow access into your unit so that you can remove items or add additional storage items.

•  Long & short term storage

•  24hr security & CCTV protection

•  Fire & intruder alarm systems

•  Self-storage

•  Collection & drop-off service

•  Archive & retrieval service

•  Recycling & disposal

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